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There is a lot of controversy in the roofing and building industry regarding roofing and the problems associated with getting a half descent roofing job done nowadays. You can't blame anybody for wanting to entertain a manual trade and skill up as a professional not to choose roofing. It is the second heaviest job to coal mining. You can expect to retire with a bad back lifting for example lead flashings or rolls of flat roofing felt @45kg on your shoulder and be outside in the cold during winter plus you cannot be scared of working at height's.

That rules out most of the population, wages will tend to be no higher than other skill sets such as loft conversion builders or extension builders or house builders. For your trouble there is really heavy lifting involved. A roll of code 5 700m wide and 6 meters length weigh's over 70kgs. Cost prohibitive lifting equipment even from hire companies is not cost effective in an ever increasing competitive domestic roofing market where price matters.

Roofs are getting older and needing roofing repairs more frequently as the option to replace a roof is tending to be taken up more by those approaching retirement and unaffordable for those heavily indebted. The major merchants are making matters worse buy selling the new range of waterproof paints that don't really do a good enough job on central heated thermally accelerated 100 year plus old building's. They make the job look good and allow the lesser skilled operator to look proficient and trustworthy at great cost to their client.

Review sites that outlaw vendor feedback are making the situation the worst it has ever been and repelling highly skilled tradesmen. The roofs are leaking but fewer highly qualified professional roofers are available to take up the higher demand that is going to be required.

Heavy roofing jobs included from hardest to easiest.

SPECIALIST SKILL EXPECT TO LIFT SKILL SET LEAD ROOFING 70kg rolls Highly skilled FLAT ROOFING 44kg rolls Highly skilled ROOFING TILING 20kgs bundles Highly skilled ROOF SLATING 30kgs bundles Highly Skilled ROOF DECKING 25kgs packs Moderate skill's EPDM ROOFING 20kgs rolls Moderate Skill's GUTTERING AND SOFFITS Lightweight Moderate Skill's ROOF REPAIRS N/A Highly Skilled Roof repairs need the most amount of information. Since Taylorism at the turn of the century, builders and building has been changed along with our whole view of society and the workings of it. You have to really look hard to see what's behind the change and have the grace to change the way you think thing's operate. The working's of Capitalism are not alone by a single design constructed to overpower the weaker member's of a culture. Just like anything in life if we all sit back and don't stand up for change nothing happens things just roll on in a certain direction. That's the way we are where we are now, the heavily indebted will become the more heavily indebted in the next generation inspired by the desire to get wealthier at whatever the cost to themselves and their families. Taylorism incorporated a set way to do things that changed the way we live our lives possible for a long time to come. The advances in scientific development and the advancement of the channels with which we sell things or at least bring them to the market has revolutionised our whole culture and made us into a world where everyone wants to be someone that owns lots of things, mostly regardless of there quality when compared to the past. The builders and even the farming communities in the past worked very differently from today. Taylorism splits all manner of skill sets up into fractional packages designed to remove the latent power of the highly skilled individual craftsmen or women and deconstruct elaborate procedures into simpler manageable task's. This is why we see highly ornate wooden carvings or architecture in mainly unindustrialised countries where their skill sets have not yet given into the lower industry standards of developed economies. Flat pack furniture, pressed objects versus hand crafted object's. There is almost a deification of materials things on the platform of the media but the joke is their mostly cheaply manufactured low quality products with short shelf life's. A single builders could build in the past anything, roofs, walls, and floor's both designing calculating and producing an end product to live in. Now everything is fractional. A roofer A bricklayer A plumber A carpenter all for the marketplace a dumbing down process and deskilling limiting further learning to certification and merit. The spatial intelligence of hand eye, head eye coordination is the true development of the human mind producing a moral way of life encouraging good practices and discouraging shortermism. The present practise of advertise heavily capture desire and sell en mass is a destructive force in present economies and only leads to higher and higher inflation and lessens quality of life for everyone with the benefit for a few.

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Red Bud Roofing have been working all over London and the home counties for over 35 years with Private Homes and Church and Bible college roof's from High Wycombe to Bromley in Kent.

Lots of our work is mainly throughout London and the home counties covering areas such as West London, Fulham, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Acton,Clapham and other Central London areas. Our cliental need's range from an inexpensive repair's to new roof's. We have re-roofed and repaired many properties even for the Houses of Lords and Ladies with Roof Terraces, New Slating and Tiling, and New Flat Roofs and Repairs.

Just remember it can be very costly when you get the wrong roofer working on your home. Most of the roofing work we do did not need to be done so soon and should have lasted longer. This company is proof that roof’s can last when they are done properly.

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Most of the time the theory behind knowing something and doing something can get lost in the application of producing a product or giving a service. Without the practical experience of manual participation in trades its a lot easier to not have the relevant knowledge to hand that’s necessary for the successful long term prevention required for a roof to remain watertight for decades to come.
Many trades other than Roofing, Flat Roofing Tiling lead work and especially the skills for fixing Leaking Roofs such as Skylights or Chimney Flashings have to hand decent forms of training attached to them. A few years ago Redland Roof Tiles offered a bursary to train as a roofing contractor for general tiling, very few places were taken up by any school leavers. Why train as a Roofer when the same money mean’s you can do less hard physical work and pick up cleaner more socially acceptable work in the ever expanding job market that is the services industries.


The pool of blue collar workers suddenly shrunk in the eighties for the future tradesmen that are going to be needed for Victorian properties that are getting older and suffering from ever increasing urban decay. Hip and Ridge Tiles becoming loose as the wind and rain batter the mortar that held them in place for over a hundred years. Life&rs changed since then the Victorian values of tradesmen work required it seems a greater sense of responsibility for what is produced in s persons working life With perhaps little chance of becoming wealthy for most people and a more moral society, doing bad work was harder to get away from, a reputation gave you more meaning to your life.Roofs on much older properties tend to stand up better to the battering and hammering of the environment than modern roof&s. Tradesmen handing down there skills to the young men of the day was a way to secure the future and an income for the eager apprentices and provided the necessary pool of skill&s to provide the housing booms of the past centuries.Todays large house builders employ the majority of decent roofers required to build the home's for today&s need&s. They provide secure employment whatever the weather much better working conditions and a safer working environment for all types of manual skills needed to build up the housing stock.But what of the workman to repair and renew the older roofed properties that started to decay. If the workforce in general is heading towards services industries and much more appealing higher education and non skilled jobs paying a comparable salary why get on a roof? What incentive can new workers have to take up roofing, exposed to all weathers meaning no work in the rain= loss of income for both smaller individual firms and building contractors. Rather to take up an indoor trade such as carpentry or plumbing and enjoy a better standard of living makes more sense if you pick the trades as a career.Some of the above reason&s and i am sure there are others help to reveal the reason that roofing has such a bad reputation as a service provider.As a roofing contractor myself fixing things and not just knowing about them gives me first hand knowledge of the failures that are common when people do not have enough education and experience in this field. Many of the premature roofing failures are to do with used and the manner in which they are constructed by contractors when attempting to deal with roofing problems for repairs and new roofing

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If problems arise for clients, theres not much that can be done in a market that does not contain skilled enough workers yet alone enough of them. This gap is of course filled by people able to take a chance at trying there hand at roofing

and are indeed helped by temporary methods. With materials such as temporary repair tapes or short term flexible mastic paint which can be blindly applied and sold as long term remedys for unsound structural problems.This allow's the client to part with large sums of money only to have to deal with the roofing problem again and pay out twice or more for the same job. Remember very few people can get on a roof and so work done is hidden from view unlike buying a new piece of furniture. Below is an idea on what usually goes wrong on roofs and the proper method of doing the job properl As you can see if you look on the page for slating there is a certain way to lay within the set parameters of a roof. The abutments of the roof be they a wall or an overhang will mean that if you start to slate from either end of the roof when you get to the farther end to finish your slating if you did not work out the width of each slate and calculate the size of the last slate on the line that you are laying the piece may be to small to be able to fix securely to the battening or there may be not enough slate to safely take a nail into the timber to prevent the wind from lifting the slate and breaking it. So setting the roof out correctly is called gauging the roof out and that applies width ways and length ways. Just look at what happens when its not set out properly on the page for Slating page.

What can you do when things go wrong, Not much i am afraid because lots of type of slating and tiling are nailed and every coarse on top of the one below its nail is hidden from view hence for large areas impractical to repair without removing all the slates first when things go wrong. A few slates slipping on a fairly new roof is sign that the job was not done properly in the first place and unlikely to last in the long run. This will mean that short term fixes can be made but again is the only real chance of securing the roof for future watertightness.

Here are some helpful questions to ask a roofer to find out if he is on the ball or near there.(1) Find out if they understand the gauge that is required for the slating on your roof and ask them to explain what they think it is. This wont mean anything to you but it's a harder enough question to answer for people who dot know enough about roofing. The typical roof will be gauged at 200-250mm.Generally lots of slipped slates will mean you need a re-roof, so if you have lots of clips on the roof that is what it means. If however there is only a few on each flank of the roof your not there yet and dont let any one tell you otherwise.

We have worked all over the London area in boroughs such as Chiswick Ealing Acton Hammersmith Putney Earlsfield Wandsworth Barnes and fulham.

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