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All references are old ones and a list of them are available to contact after an inspection to prove they still have no leak's

lord Taverne roof terrace

Lord and Lady Taverne Pimlico (actually it was a complete new roof as pictured on the home page)

Re-roofing their entire main flat roof after the cowboys put paving slabs on their flat roof causing a

Raymond Greaves Lambeth, London Replace 2 large Skylights

My flat has a large living room with two large skylights. The skylights are old and cracked and leaking. The leaks have resulted in cosmetic damage to the roof plastering. The skylights need replacing with Velux equivalent and the roof re-plastering plus associated redecorating. I need a quote for this work. If I am happy with the work I have lots of follow on work to do so this job could expand in size.

Reply by customer on 19/02/2011
16:02 19/02/11Gary and his son were responsive, friendly and helpful from the outset. They proposed the best solution for a sensible price. These guys are clearly roofing experts enthusiasts and know their trade very well. Gary had to juggle the job around poor weather but he managed to get the skylights made and installed in an amazingly short time. Overall very impressed with attitude, value, timeliness and cleanliness. Would strongly recommend.


Craig Perry Muswell Hill, London Roof Repair to box gutter

We have a box gutter running down one side of our kitchen extension - approx 3m long. We have damp and staining coming into the kitchen because of rainwater leaks. The gutter has angled glass joining it from the roof and there'd may be a weakness in this area..

Rated by customer on 10/01/2012
13:01 10/01/12I found Red Bud to be very reliable and they reacted very quickly to our request for help.


Joan Cooke Watford Urgent flashing repair 12/10/2009

Few times when it is particularly windy, rain has come into the first floor bathroom. The roof is sloping (no space between roof and bathroom ceiling) and tiled.

Customer Reply I was so pleased that Gary reserved and called me to see how I felt about his quote. He was available at short notice and did a very good job. I am expecting him to return this week to do more remedial work on front roof and chimney. I have recommended him to a neighbour.


James Rossiter Muswell Hill Skylight leaking Highgate

Leaking skylight built into flat roof, requires sealing/investigation. Access can be obtained from outside of building or through skylight..

Rated by customer on 22/10/2009Reliable, punctual, trustworthy. I was happy with the work, and would recommend this company again.


Jim Oatway Twickenham

Roof Repair Rated by customer on 13/07/2009 09:07 13/07/09 Gary did a great job, keeping me informed of progress throughout. Though this was a small job Red Bud certainly demonstrated their professional capabilities on lead and slate work. A particular strength was that he made it easy to see the "before" and "after" situation via digital photos - certainly a better option than me getting onto the roof. I would certainly recommend them - and in fact had Gary back to do another small project.


Keith Ellam, Muswell Hill London

Roof repair

2 leaks in the roof. 1st is a steady drip from the top of the roof around the chimney area. The 2nd is harder to locate. The roof is tiled. There are also a couple of loose tiles that need refixing..

Rated by customer on 16/03/2009
I have no cause for complaints at all. Gary was quick to indentify the problems with our roof, on time, tidy and completed the job. He also explained what he was doing and sent me photos of the work as it was happening, which really helped understand what he was doing and was reassuring as a result.


Fiona Robson Ealing

There is a leak on the wall of my first floor flat, from the ceiling. It has been going on for some time now. Previous roofers that I got have not solved the problem. The flat is in a conversion of a house with 2 floors and loft conversion. The water is not coming in from the flat above, and their floors are dry. The roof is tiled. It could also be an issue with the chimney stack. Most likely the job would need scaffolding although there is some access to the roof through the front or through a window..

Rated by customer on 10/11/2008 20:11 10/11/08I had a number of people who came to look at the problem and Gary was the only one that I believe really bothered to identify the problem. He came with references and explained the work necessary in a clear way. He clearly understands a great deal about roofing, and is not just a repair man. He came promptly as agreed and completed the work on schedule. I would definitely hire him again for any future work necessary for the roof.


Clare Sibson Tower Bridge London

A long standing leak problem in a bedroom of a third floor flat. There is a box gutter in roof above window. Historically, in very heavy rain, water would drip through lintel of window, across ceiling of room, and down adjoining walls. Problem was seen by a roofer about 18 months ago. Work done included increasing depth of lead lining to gutter. Problem re-occured but after several attempts, problem was solved. But this morning in the (not very heavy) rain, problem re-occured. Window not affected, but water observed running down two walls in room. Stopped when rain stopped. Very disheartening as only last week we finally trusted the repairs enough to have the room re-plastered and decorated to restore previous water damage. Urgent that we find a lasting solution as room is soon to be used as nursery for new baby..

Rated by customer on 08/07/2008 A bedroom in our top-floor flat had been leaking severly for about 2 years (water pouring down inside walls, causing electrical shorting). Another roofing firm had tried and failed to fix the problem 3 times. Then we contacted Gary. He was excellent. Quick to respond, reassuring in his approach. He understood that, having been let down before several times by other roofers, we would be sceptical about his advice - so for free, when giving us his quote, he explained things to us very thoroughly and took a great deal of time involving us in his investigations. After about 90 minutes on this free quote/assessment, Gary identified the source of the leak and was able actually to show us what the problem was: a crack in a box gutter and a hole in a window space in the attic above our flat, both of which previous roofers and tried simply to patch up cowboy style, rather than replace/repair. Gary then did the work at a very reasonable price and quickly. We were particularly grateful for this (price and speed) as I am about to have a baby. Finally, about three weeks after the work was completed, and following a bout of heavy summer thunder storms, Gary rang us to ensure that all was well. It was. I would also like to say that, before starting the job, Gary took deposits from us; we had no problem with this. All round, excellent sevice.


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