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Flat Roofing

Ever had your flat roof leak at an unwelcome time like now probably why your visiting this site, well thats our biggest seller and mainly because flat roofing is hard to do properly. 20 years ago we re-roofed Pastures Methodist Church, High Wycombe and its still going strong. That was a peculiar flat roof at 400 square mtrs and it needed special attention to the underlying problem's that cause Flat Roofs to fail.perforated redbud roofing The omission by contractors of the very important perforated base layer is the main reason for FLAT ROOF failure in this country. On all flat roofs be it they will all eventually if they cant breathe properly underneath the impermeable waterproofing membranes.Take a look at your flat roof if you can get to it, its failed on either the bubbles or cracks that have appeared if its a solid Asphalt Roof or on the fissures that can be seen on a Felt Flat Roof.Both can also fail on the abutments closest to the walls or Pitched Roof abutments. Why? or a flat roof either type will always trap heat inside the building for a while and the outside temperature in contrast will be colder than the inside of the building. This difference in temperature will cause the movable or elastic materials buildings are made of such as the roof joists or rafters to expand or contract at different temperatures or times of the day depending on the weather outside.
Double glazing effectively dealt with the problem of condensing air in a building, remember wet single glazed windows.

With cold air on the outer surface of the roof and hot air in the roof void or loft area the same thing happens but instead of condensation imagine the timbers expanding and contracting frequently. This process causes the roofing material if it's not elastic enough to crack or tear, thats why lead is used in roofing its flexes.

lead roof
Lead Sheet flexes with the roof

Without a roofing material that moves up and down or side ways with the roofing timbers the material used will eventually crack and let water in. Any part of the roof will fail be it the flat parts the flashings on the wall or under the windows. Flat roofs fail because often contractors do not understand the very important reasons above.


After the initial layer of roofing is put in place the subsequent roofing that water proofs the roof can be laid. It is important to lay the roll's of felt that are 1 metre wide in cross bonded patterns that is the opposite to the layer underneath. This is what give's the roof strength and rigidity. There are various types of flat roofing today and some are old and some are newer, all manufacturers claiming differing guarantees and assurances in order to sell their product's at any cost's. Try claiming on these guarantees once they have been down a few years and good luck.

The most success we have had over the decades is with the high performance felts and we had a claim that the manufacturers were willing to replace a bad batch once in all the years of usage. The EPDM are recent waterproof materials and have not been tested long enough on domestic properties only on commercial buildings such as offices that have concrete roof's that do not move at all hence no expansion and contraction problems unlike wooden roof's.

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