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Looking for a new stylish roof terrace

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Leaking Roof Terraces

Leaking roof terraces as roof terrace designer's thats our no 1 call out in London, it seems to be a love affair with open air freshness and constant use especially in the summer. Lots of roof terraces in London are getting a lot older having had a makeover 20 years ago. The roofing decking usually made of cheaper softwood breaks down and starts to become unsafe to walk on or confines users to only smaller parts of the roof terrace. Thats a big shame as some of our customers have revived their roof terraces by spending wisely and maximising their roof terraces and indeed there properties full value.


Theres no escaping the fast pace of city life but if you have a roof terrace there's a chance you can get a good rest from it even during the winter with canopies that we make up over roof terraces door's to protect you from the element's.

We also for the avid gardner sell scrolled hanging baskets original and sculpted to your choice

hanging basket

If your wishing you could get outside and use your roof terrace this summer now's the time to start planning, youll be surprised what can be done and how great that last bit of personal open space thats private to you can be brought back into life. Thers no charge for our surveyor to take a look and advise you on the changes that can be made. Its a pleasure to enjoy that open space in the evenings or weekends and a great chance for kid's or adults to recover and its not temporary if its done professionally it will last a long time.