The internet has not changed the trades over the years on the face of the new drive to win revenue via rated sites that are making a lot of money from redirecting consumer traffic towards their sites and charging large fee’s to small business’s.
All is not what it seems with many cowboy contractors moving around from one site to the next as things go bad, the cowboys are still there but just able to hide in more place’s.

The marvel of ever more efficient short term
repair materials such as mastic’s or temporary repair tapes have provided easier ways to make money for the cowboy’s while charging the same price as doing it properly would have cost. The true cost only shows when the roof need's redoing sometimes straight away in our experience.

Step Flashing Renewal
No mastic or repair tape would help this leak but if the flashing below was left in it could have been painted over with mastic or repair paints from DIY stores and then you would be paying twice to get it done

The importance of doing thing’s right keeps the water out long term with lead flashing’s as below no amount of mastic or repair tape will last as long and give piece of mind

Lead Step Flashing

Lead flashings last over 100 years

In 2015 we have seen a lot of work done this year where bad workmanship has played a bigger part in roof failures. This may be due to the effects of the booming years of moving on quickly to take advantage of the house price movements and getting the jobs done cheaper. So beware when buying a new property so you don't get caught out. We can always take a look and give advice on roof conditions.

Of all the different areas we have worked in over the years there have been changes in the types of roof's that have been fitted to houses over the decades. The story is not a good one i am afraid with the belief that wealth creation is to be found by solely climbing the property ladder along the way, a few people break some of the rungs and let other people mend them. Concrete tiles are the worst offender's for short term gain and long term damage.
The cheapest tiles on the market damage roof's with more weight which is up to 4 times heavier than conventional slates. The extra weight elongate's the gap from the front of the building to the rear garden by enough to cause jamming problems with the old sash windows and move the end of the rafter support to half the required support's original area.

The West London areas and South London areas such as Chiswick,Fulham,Acton, Putney or Hammersmith,Wimbledon and Clapham Common are areas we have been more frequently asked to work in for this the type of roof areas associated with concrete roof tiling of this sort.


We operate in all the following postcodes and also around outer London